We specialize in helping real estate owners unlock new economic benefits by leveraging sustainability.

In 2022, OnPeak clients saw a

In 2022, OnPeak clients saw a 24.9% average reduction in their energy-related expenses.

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We have deployed 200+ successful projects across multiple markets in various sectors of real estate in the US

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Savings achieved
in projects implemented:

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When you think of "connecting the dots," do you associate it with energy savings and efficiency?

OnPeak connects elements to yield positive outcomes, starting with a comprehensive assessment, delivering actionable insights, and offering guidance throughout the project phase with verifiable results. 

Connecting the dots is an art. With many elements to consider, our methodology
brings it all together.

In a world of information overload, it's crucial to identify and prioritize relevant information efficiently.

"Marlins Park is a shining example of sustainability in Major League Baseball, and OnPeak Energy's solutions have played a crucial role in helping us achieve our goals. They provided us with a comprehensive and cost-effective plan to retrofit our lighting system, resulting in significant energy savings without compromising functionality. We highly recommend OnPeak Energy to any organization looking to reduce their energy costs and positively impact the environment."

Jeff King

Vice President, Facilities
Miami Marlins, L.P.

Why we are different

OnPeak's approach is comprehensive and tridimensional, going beyond cost-benefit analysis to include consideration of project impact.

Investors are increasingly interested in funds that consider environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. Evaluating performance based on returns, risk, and ESG objectives is a fundamental change. A fund with the same returns but with lower risk or improved ESG factors is preferable to investors. OnPeak's tridimensional approach considers the effects of projects on various stakeholders and is critical as tenants and investors prefer assets with a positive impact on the environment and society.

Leverage our experience

With 200+ successful projects under our belt, we can help you avoid common mistakes.

Having a trusted advisor will give you better visibility and achieve better results.​ Our expertise not only helps you increase efficiency but also ensures the protection of your financial interests. ​

We take a holistic approach, factoring in the whole picture to identify, quantify, and monitor efficiency projects in a way that makes sense for your business, not just driven by altruism.​

“Our recent collaboration with OnPeak Energy on an efficiency retrofit project in Texas surpassed our expectations in terms of energy savings and quality. OnPeak Energy's professionalism, efficiency, and clear communication from proposal to installation were exceptional. Their proposal was straightforward and easy to comprehend, their timelines were precise, and they assisted us throughout the rebate process with the utility company. I strongly recommend OnPeak Energy to businesses looking to lower their energy expenses and enhance their environmental impact. Thank you, OnPeak Energy, for a job well executed!”

Moises Benzaquen

Managing Partner, Operations and Investor Relations Acceso Partners

Our approach is tailored to each specific industry.

We have created a methodology that helps you increase efficiency and create value by providing customized frameworks tailored to each specific industry to evaluate efficiency measures and their impact. 

Case Studies

Our unique approach has allowed our clients to see not only savings but an improvement in their operations, we also help them before and after each implementation to collect applicable rebates and tax incentives.

A Trusted Advisor to Torchlight Investors

Over the past two years, Onpeak Energy has been working closely with Torchlight Investor’s team to assess, identify and track sustainability initiatives. We are proud to say that we have been meeting Torchlight’s expectations with

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Crown Linen’s Solar Transformation

Introduction: In this case study, we explore how Crown Linen, Florida’s largest laundry service provider, successfully transformed a regular re-roofing project into a sustainable initiative that generated clean energy. By leveraging sustainability, Crown Linen aimed to unlock economic benefits while demonstrating their commitment to environmental responsibility. This case study highlights the objectives, solutions, and outcomes of Crown Linen’s solar transformation project, showcasing the positive impact it had on its operations and the environment.

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Atrium at park ten

Atrium at Park Ten is a three-story, 139,834 sq. ft. office building. Located in the heart of the Katy Freeway West/Energy Corridor, Atrium is minutes from residential neighborhoods, shops, restaurants, and hotels. Atrium has distinctive, contemporary design with large floor plans providing flexibility to accommodate tenant growth.

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