A Trusted Advisor to Torchlight Investors

A Trusted Advisor to Torchlight Investors to Achieve Sustainable Goals through ESG Reporting and Opportunity Identification Audit


Over the past two years, Onpeak Energy has been working closely with Torchlight Investor’s team to assess, identify and track sustainability initiatives. We are proud to say that we have been meeting Torchlight’s expectations with our ESG reporting services helping them set target reduction goals.

Our current scope of work involves benchmarking data for over 70 assets and ensuring that everything is reporting adequately and consistently on our platform. Utility reporting is an important component of ESG analysis, by encouraging transparency and accountability, utility reporting helps drive improvements in ESG performance, which is beneficial for both the environment and investors. At OnPeak Energy, we believe that ESG data should be easily accessible for all to measure, manage, act, and predict.

We have assessed many properties in Torchlight’s portfolio and have identified, proposed, and executed sustainability-related projects. We will continue doing so by providing our Opportunity Identification Audit to many of their properties.

OnPeak’s Opportunity Identification Audit (OIA) is a comprehensive review aimed at identifying areas for improvement. The audit includes an analysis of each property’s operations, interviews with management and corporate, and an examination of the company’s goals, investment planning, and rebates, and deductions for new and recent projects.

Our objective is to provide Torchlight with valuable insights and recommendations for optimizing operations and increasing efficiency. At OnPeak Energy, we remain committed to providing outstanding service and delivering exceptional results to Torchlight Investors and all our clients.




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