Effortless ESG reporting

ONPEAK’s ESG reporting service allows owners and financiers to manage environmental, social, and governance data in a single platform. This platform provides visibility into buildings performance and empower change in the built environment

No more manual entry or spreadsheets, no more outdated information.

These are some of the benefits of implementing an ESG Program:

  • People and the planet: Having a sound ESG strategy is not only good for the environment but also for tenants and employees.
  • The Building: Organizations that have or are implementing an ESG strategy benefit from better ratings on their buildings, LEED and Gres, can attract better tenants, improve retention, decrease the concessions requested, and improve NOI therefore creating value for their investors.
  • The Market: Organizations successfully implementing ESG strategy also see an improvement in the investing community because the risk perception decreases and the market rewards them with a lower cost of funds required in an investment in the organization.

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