Marlins Park


Marlins Park is a baseball park located in Miami, Florida. It is the current home of the Miami Marlins. The stadium is designed in a neomodern form of baseball architecture. Marlins Park was also LEED certified as the greenest MLB park in 2012. The building is the sixth MLB stadium to have a retractable roof. With a seating capacity of 37,442, it is the third-smallest stadium in Major League Baseball by official capacity and the smallest by actual capacity.



The Marlins Park is very engaged in sustainability initiatives, in areas from water consumption to recycling and energy consumption making this park the most sustainable stadium in Major League Baseball. In 2016, ONPEAK performed an assessment and presented a list of energy measures that could potentially reduce energy costs. The first approved stage was a project to retrofit the lights in two areas that had issues with the dimming system. ONPEAK brought a solution that the Marlins Park implemented and allowed them to reduce cost while maintaining functionality of the system that was in place.

After a successful start, ONPEAK created a plan to roll out a retrofit program that included different areas in the park. As of today, we have retrofitted over 8,000 lamps.



ONPEAK managed to test and certify that the lights provided would meet the clients’ expectations and would solve lighting issues in the property.

We started looking at a solution to replace 900 MR16 bulbs and had to work with our pool of providers to find the right solution at the price point set as the reference by the VP of Facilities.  These lights used in different areas of the stadium, such as the Diamond Club Lounge, Executive Suites and corridors, Boardroom offices and the home club dressing room.

We started adding up lights to different areas of the stadium, and so far we have retrofitted lights of all of the stairs in the stadium, the service tunnels, boardroom, the Marlins Shop, amongst others.  So far we have completed over 8,000 retrofits and counting.



With ONPEAK’s solution, the Marlins Park has been able to upgrade the quality of the lighting at the common and service areas of the stadium, reduce maintenance calls and associated expenses as well as reduce the energy cost for gamedays in about 58% on the lights replaced.


Self financed


LED Lighting


58% oflighting expenses during the 82 home game season

Annual KWH

79,944 kWh (per season)


131,248 lbs/season


Miami, FL