Riverwalk II


OnPeak Energy brings a holistic approach to building owners’ use of energy and other resources. At no cost and no commitment, we quickly assess a building and present a proposal to make the building more efficient, not only from an energy reduction standpoint but also lowering maintenance expenses while enhancing the comfort for the tenants.

We focus on creating solutions with outstanding paybacks, with meaningful and lasting results that can help our customers to attract better tenants in better buildings.



OnPeak Energy worked with the property to perform an energy assessment and developed best-in-class energy and comfort solution for its space.



After making an assessment, OnPeak proposed upgrades to the HVAC system by adding three variable frequency drives (VFD) to the chilled water pumps. A new building management system (BMS) was also proposed to improve the performance of the VFDs. With a new connected control system, the controller can be remotely accessed to program, configure, or maintain the installation. This reduces costs associated with on-site visits.

The VFDs set new standards in both simplicity and reliability and ensure smooth, energy-efficient operation of the HVAC systems in normal and mission-critical situations. The installation regulates the flow of the chilled water based on the demand of the building.

OnPeak also upgraded the building management system (BMS) to enhance the performance and achieve further savings. A BMS desktop computer with a graphical user interface was set up to assist operators in navigating the BMS, monitoring the system performance, and conducting adjustments as needed. The BMS is now able to control the speed of the pumps and ensures comfort in tenant spaces with better temperature control.


With new VFDs installed and an upgraded building management system, Riverwalk has not only assured their tenants’ comfort, but they are also cutting costs with the energy-saving equipment. Riverwalk’s annual HVAC energy savings are $35,800 qualifying for a $26,800 rebate with their utility company.

OnPeak’s goal was to improve the energy use efficiency at Riverwalk, which was achieved by reducing yearly kWh usage by 8%.



Building management system


$35,800 /year

Annual KWH

448,000 kWh


699,945 lbs/year


Buffalo Grove, IL