Building Solutions

OnPeak has developed standard and custom solutions for large office buildings. Using specialized algorithms, we can make a building more efficient and significantly improve comfort in each office space. From large retrofits of Chillers and Building System controls to setting up a set of sensors on top of current building components we are able to improve operations and create value for owners.

Areas of Expertise

Our seasoned team of experts understand and can optimize operations in a wide range of operational areas.

Generation & Co-generation

We are actively working in generation (Solar PV), cogeneration and water heating solutions in some of our hospitality projects as well as roofing and window renovation to achieve higher energy efficiency levels.

Building Automation

Monitor and control give real-time visibility of energy use. A well balanced and controlled building can achieve energy savings and prolong the lifespan of the building’s components.

Most buildings waste a minimum of 10% of energy due to inefficient HVAC systems. We perform studies and energy audits to identify infrastructure upgrade opportunities. 
Lighting Upgrade

About 15% of utility expenses can be attributed to lighting. Inefficient lighting can also add up to 10% of the excess load on cooling systems. We focus on cutting your lighting electrical bills, by implementing comprehensive lighting solutions.

Case Studies

Our unique approach has allowed our clients to see not only savings but an improvement in their operations, we also help them before and after each implementation to collect applicable rebates and tax incentives.