Upgraded HVAC environment at Richmond


Richmond is aN 11-story Class A office building with 218,689 sq. ft. located in the heart of the Westchase District with great access to all of Houston’s major thoroughfares. Richmond offers an onsite bank with a drive-thru and ATM, a connected and covered parking garage, and a brand-new conference center facility.

ONPEAK Energy worked with Richmond to perform an energy assessment of their property and developed best-in-class energy comfort solutions for its space.



Working alongside Accesso, ONPEAK proposed a strategy to be more sustainable and to structure efficiency investments to be paid back with savings over time.

After an evaluation period designed to understand the condition of the property, ONPEAK proposed upgrades to the HVAC system via the installation of two new variable frequency drives (VFD) for the chilled water pumps and one VFD for a 125HP air handling unit. A new building management system was also proposed to improve the performance of the newly installed VFDs. The improvements placed an emphasis on the wellness and convenience of the tenants.




Installing new VFDs on the chilled water pumps and the 125HP air handling unit sets new standards in both simplicity and reliability, and ensures smooth, energy-efficient operation of the HVAC systems in normal and mission-critical situations. The installation regulates the flow of the chilled water and cooled air based on the demand of the building.

ONPEAK also upgraded the building management system (BMS) to enhance performance and achieve additional energy savings. A BMS desktop computer with a graphical user interface has been set up to assist operators in navigating the BMS, monitor the system performance, and conduct adjustments as needed. The BMS is now able to control the speed of pumps and AHUs in the building, providing improved energy efficiency and better temperature control and hence comfort in tenant spaces.


With new VFDs installed and an upgraded building management system, Richmond will not only assure their tenants’ comfort but are also cutting costs with energy-saving equipment. Richmond’s annual HVAC energy savings are $48,700 qualifying for a $46,500 rebate with their utility company.


Office Building


Building Management System



Annual KWH

541,566 kWh


846,130 lb.


Houston, TX