Towers at west end


Located in the heart of the West End neighborhood, Towers at West End offers tenants a best-in-class office environment with top of the market amenities including a new courtyard seating area, upgraded conference rooms and restrooms, fitness center, bike storage, and an updated climate-controlled pedestrian link.

1550 and 1600 at West End, with a total of 497,697 sq. ft. of space across both buildings are situated in a live-work-play setting with conveniences including housing, hotels, restaurants, and numerous retail shops.


ONPEAK Energy is a Florida-based Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) company that works with building owners to evaluate, install, and finance investments in energy saving equipment.  As one of Accesso’s properties, ONPEAK proposed a strategy to be more sustainable and reduce greenhouse gas emissions using LED retrofits. A complete upgrade of the lighting system located in the common areas, including indoor and outdoor lights was presented for Towers at West End.



ONPEAK completed a technical assessment of the properties, gathered information from staff, interviewed management, and worked with  its  pool  of  providers  to  come  up  with  a  solution  that meets both operational and technical requirements. ONPEAK was  responsible for  all  aspects  of the project including  install supervision  and  support of  a  turnkey project. The installation  was  done  by  licensed  and  insured contractors  that were carefully  selected  by ONPEAK to meet quality expectations and requirements.

To increase savings, ONPEAK designed a comprehensive LED lighting retrofit for both the interior areas and parking garages. The LED retrofit included 1,230 lights installed using visually appealing fixtures from U.S.-based manufacturers that qualified for $60,000 in rebates from Xcel Energy and achieved up to $73,000 in power and maintenance savings.


Using reliable LED Fixtures from US-based manufacturers and 5-years warranty, ONPEAK successfully installed LED lights both indoors and in parking garages. The new LED lights are not only long lasting and require little to no maintenance, but they also provide better comfort for tenants. The project allows for Towers at West End to save $73,000 every year in electricity, A/C, and maintenance.


Office Buildings


LED Lighting



Annual KWH

563,619 kWh


880,587 lb.


St. Louis Park, MN