Meridian Parkway Complex


OnPeak Energy brings a holistic approach to building owners use of energy and other resources. At a no cost and no commitment, we quickly assess a building and present a proposal to make the building more efficient, not only from an energy reduction standpoint but also lowering maintenance expenses while enhancing the comfort for the tenants. 

We focus on creating solutions with outstanding paybacks, with meaningful and lasting results that can help our customers to attract better tenants in better buildings.



One of the largest office REITs in the country acquired a ten office buildings complex in the research triangle in Durham, NC. Part of their strategy included looking for ways to minimize maintenance expenses and improve office spaces.

OnPeak Energy worked with them to perform an energy assessment of their new property, and provide a lighting solution for the spaces.


OnPeak created a lighting retrofit solution for both the interior and exterior areas. Using visually appealing fixtures from U.S.-based manufacturers, we focused on a plan that could be implemented with little to no impact on the building tenants

The proposal took into consideration all available incentives from the utility company, qualifying the project for a rebate of 20% for our client. 

The project creates enough energy and maintenance savings to repay its cost in three years.

The solution included close to 9,000 fixtures across nine of ten buildings, saving up to 1,350,000 kWh every year and $259,000 in power and maintenance expenses.


The LED Fixtures increased the light levels by 79% on average throughout the buildings retrofitted. This project allowed the building owner to save  $259,000.00 in annual electricity and maintenance. Reduced 2,104,651 pounds of CO2 emissions every year.